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Wifi modem max BAUD

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Just wondering what baud rate everyone is getting with there wifi modem?

Using AdamLink V I can do 4800 reliably in 30 and 80 col.  9600 works in 30 col mode but mis formats in 80 col. ( spacing errors), and 19,200 does not work at all for me.


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Using ADAMLink V, I was able to use the 9600 baud rate in 30 and 80 column modes, but I don't recall going online in 80 column mode... just used the WiModem232's ATI and ATI# commands to display the modem's information and upgrade it's firmware. I think the only time I went online was in 30 column mode. If I increased the baud rate above 9600, then I would get corrupted text and spacing using the ATI commands. BTW, this is using the slot #1 Micro Innovations Dual Serial Interface which is 100% compatible with the MIB2, 3 and 238 serial ports... I don't have my MIB238 currently to test on that interface card.


I setup the IMP and Mex telecomm programs, but once again only tested using the WiModem232's ATI commands. So you might want to configure those telecomm programs and test in the T-DOS environment to see if perhaps ADAMLink V is the issue.


Using the second serial port (designated for Terminal use), I was able to use the 19,200 baud rate with everything that I threw at it in T-DOS and SmartBasic 1.x Rev. 20Y.


Using the EVE Electronics SP-1 Serial / Parallel Interface with ADAMLink V, I could only go as high as 4800 baud before the text and spacing became corrupted when using the WiModem232.


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