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Still finding interesting Atari ST games

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Yes, there were/are many, which I never seen, heard about .  Atarimania does great job by hosting really almost everything what was made, or at least there is page about game.

My latest adaptations:  http://atari.8bitchip.info/fromhd2.php

Ameoba Wars : classic game Life for GEM, in med res.

Aventura Original  & Aventura Espacial : adventures in Spanish language, with nice graphic.

Star Trek by Erictronics : lot of well done samples from original Star Trek series (TOS)

Hollywood Hustler : not only samples, but lot of digitized pictures, animations. On 3 floppies originally, from 1994.

Debut : Planet simulation with platform game part. This was hard case because strange floppy formats.

Did not see any floppy release with all 3 parts of game, so did it too: http://atari.8bitchip.info/ASTGA/D/debut.php











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Thank you and I do appreciate your hard work!

I did have problems with a few of your latest adaptions on my Mega STe and STe.

Previously when I had issues with some of the releases I posted on your forums and it went ignored.

In the future I'll post here to very with other ST users to see if it my 30+ year old ST equipment or a common problem.


All that said, I think you bringing all these games to the attention of ST users is an amazing thing. Like I said, I really do appreciate it very much.


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