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Entry 2020: Eggerland Mystery Demo

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I was not going to submit this one, but since it was getting close to being playable I decided to give it an extra push in time for the contest deadline.




This is a puzzle game, basically the predecessor to the Lolo series. It was originally released on the MSX.

This demo includes 15 levels.






Disc = moves character around

Upper Action Button = shoots (if you got ammo)

Keypad 1 = restart level





Objective of each level is to collect all jewels and exit through the door.


You: image.png.48e05198316e19c1e84814715382cd6b.png    Jewel: image.png.8fa598f8263f1d7c171154991e8af28c.png    Door:  image.png.1d174411c35c1bdbb24a8fbf745f05ee.png    


Once all jewels are collected, the door will open: image.png.09f2e743e8a01b3ea0aa2813a2c93ac8.png


... however, once the door gets open, some things may happen.

For instance, in some screens, enemies that were sleeping will become active. So you will have to move fast.



Enemies and screen elements:

(Eggerland/Lolo purists, forgive me for not using the "official terms" next.)


Brick walls are just obstacles. image.png.eef707cb6a3d904565b4e63149e41b87.png

Blocks can be moved around. Be careful as you can only push them, not pull them. image.png.5e01d3670b93f7d8154302a89c15d02b.png

Sometimes a door will be hidden by a block. If you move the block, the door will appear.

Skulls are harmless while sleeping. However, once you pick up all the jewels they will wake up, move around, and may kill you.  image.png.05c28e52ca94e2f37ea99360711a28a6.png  image.png.8d66f240996961d36cc1159a286f4a35.png

Dragons are also harmless when sleeping. Once awake, they will shoot fireballs if you pass in front of them.   image.png.863b7de52b06271a22a011d4f3eeb13c.png   image.png.3ff841e2739d3ddecf7a79c434ebd6da.png 

Pay attention to their facing. They are unable to move or turn around. 

Medusas are similar to dragons, they don't move, but will wake up and kill you IMMEDIATELY if you cross their vertical or horizontal lines with no obstacles in between. image.png.a2824bfa5a370bfed5c7842b81c41b9f.png    image.png.65a56bce69f25bca7f42991e8faf05cf.png 

Worms are harmless and will not move either, but are inconvenient and will block your way.  image.png.a3a596e7187bf5aa97ec41ff8c04b763.png



Special jewels allow you to shoot


Included in this demo is one type of jewel that will give you two shots each.

It is not possible to tell beforehand which jewel is special, you will have to pick them up and find out.

The number of shots you have is shown on the dashboard to the right.




Shooting an enemy ONCE will turn it into an egg.   image.png.a3fe2d300f10dbb7363acc12b12b532c.png

Eggs can be moved around. However, if you wait too long, the egg will hatch and the enemy will appear again.

Shooting an egg will kill the enemy and remove the egg.

Use the upper action buttons to shoot.




Here's an explanation of what is shown on the right side of the screen.





- Be careful how you move blocks around. Sometimes, one wrong move and the screen will become unsolvable. If that happens, press "1" to lose 1 life and restart.

- Choose the last jewel to be picked up carefully. Make sure there will be a safe path to the exit door.




Coding, graphics, sounds: Cmadruga

Music: Nyuundere




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1 hour ago, wolfy62 said:

Great music and I love puzzle games like this one!😀

Enjoy, my friend!

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oh, how awesome!  I love this series.  I have a few of the Famicom titles on my Retro Pi build, as well as the Lolo games on the NES 

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