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FS: Neo-Geo AES boxed console and Darksoft multicart ***SOLD***

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Was not planning on selling this, but my wife has knee surgery in two weeks and while I thought my insurance covers this entirely...boy what I wrong. I need a significant sum on the day of the surgery.


So, I figured I would sell a few things to ease the pain a bit and have decided to sell one of my more valuable consoles. I don't play it nowadays as much as I just look at it and dust it off everyday...so I am definitely doing it an injustice as it stands.


It is a Japanese AES console with all hookups (although the power supply is a high quality third party supply for use in the USA), original box with matching serial numbers, AV cable, manuals and "bean" style controller. This newer style controller (which I love by the way!) came packed in with this console and is pictured on the box with it...so it is a later model. It takes a 9V power supply, so it is the PRO-POW3 model if memory serves me correctly?


Also included is the Darksoft multicart. Great cartridge. This (in my humble opinion) beats the hell out of the NeoSD. It has three game slots and you can flash three games to it all at once. It has fast DDR3 ram to do this so the flashing process is super fast. You can flash three of the largest games in the library in under a minute. It has language select so even when playing a game on this Japanese system the language can be in English....even without a UniBIOS.


This Neo-Geo is in near mint condition. I won't call it "mint" as I am sure you can always find something under a microscope, but it looks like brand new. It has never been opened/altered/repaired. It is completely stock.


Also included is a new modern memory card that has two 16K flash banks. I purchased that from StoneAgeGamer. It is probably large enough to hold probably more saves than games that save ;)



I am looking for $1k plus shipping to your zipcode for the set. If you are not a member that has been around for a while and has positive feedback experiences here I will have to ask for the paypal payment to be made as "family and friends". Sorry about that, but this is something I wish not to be scammed on ;)


Its actually less than what I spent. I paid $600 for the boxed console, $425 for the flash cart, $60 for the memory card. Basically just trying to get back what I spent minus about $85 plus all of the shipping costs I endured as well.



I only have pictures of it hooked up for now. The box for this (and snap case for the flash cart) are stored away and I have to dig those out. But I think you can get the idea.










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9 hours ago, Killjoyy27 said:

Sorry to hear you have to sell your system, I hope your wife will be ok. It’s a super nice setup too.


Well, it is not like I "have" to. I can keep it and just pay the medical bill. But, I am just trying to see if I can make that bill go down a little easier ;)


Amazing what they expect people to pay out of pocket all at once.

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Bump. Accepting reasonable offers and willing to split up the multicart and the Neo Geo system. PM!

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