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Entire available CV ROM list?

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Does anyone have a full list of all the available ROMS for CV?  (Std, Collectorvision, TPB, etc..).  Thanks!

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If you're after a list of all homebrew roms that have ever been released for the CV then you may be interested in the CV Collector's List that I maintain.  I'm still working through finalising the last entries for 2020 and will publish it here on AA later this month.  Here's a snippet of the top of the current list (off to the right of the screenshot I also have links to websites/forums where the roms were released):




There is also the list that I released last year (below) which is missing entries for 2020 releases as well as a number of older items that I have now captured.



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4 hours ago, Kamshaft said:

You can use my site if you want.   https://www.cvaddict.com

Hey, Kamshaft, I noticed that you have "Unknown" for who created Frog Feast.  It was programmed by Robert "Dmitry" Dupuy (Mark2008 here on AA).     


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