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Looking for setup advice

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I have an 800XL and floppy drive that will be upgraded. So far I have a MyIDE1 and FujiNet. I will be adding dualPokey/covox and Antonia 4MB expansion. I'm wondering what OS, DOS, and Basic combination would work best. I'm also wondering if it would make sense to use a GUI as I also have an ST mouse. Thanks!

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DOS is fluid based on what software you are running, I personally live in SpartaDos/(X), OS A+, DOS 4, MyDOS, and whatever AtariDOS a game or app requires to run properly.

Basic is normally OFF, but when I do it's Atar BASIC, DMSC FastBASIC, BASIC XL/XE, and from time to time Atari MicroSoft Basic. GUI can be a novelty... I tend to be faster on a command line...

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