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#FujiNet doesn't boot on 1200XL

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Just to close this one out: after finding a number of semi-seated ICs in my 1200, every one of them was pulled and cleaned with contact cleaner (ditto the sockets) before being firmly reinstalled.


The machine now boots the #FujiNet. As a bonus, it also now loads from other SIO devices, too, which is nice.


Excuse to buy #FujiNet number two has now been found :-D

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On 2/25/2021 at 3:43 PM, bandit said:

Went back today to check Fujinet on the Stock 1200xl, first came up with atari logo, then looked at angle, was just a couple hairs offset, Reinstalled and then worked. Looks like it has a close fit with case.


Just make sure it's plugged into the 1200XL all the way, as some cases hace a small bulge.


Well it was on / off working sometimes, turned out the SIO plug on 1200XL had some cold solder joints, been working now 100% for a week !!

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