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Config - then exit instead of boot

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Okay, just had a momentary flicker of insight...
[8:50 PM]
how about we:

(1) add a new command to set a BOOT mode, aux1 = mode
(2) by default boot mode = set in web admin, normally 0 for mini boot
(3) boot mode 0 = mini boot
(4) boot mode 1 = config
(5) mini boot, C key sets boot mode to 1, cold start
(6) otherwise, mount all, and cold start.
[8:51 PM]
this way, we have an entrypoint to diversify the boot, and a path simultaneously to a fast simple boot, and to be able to slim config down, and separate out a file manager. 
[8:53 PM]

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Why it would be necessary to load mini-boot to do a mount all? With mount-all option enabled, wouldn't be FN adapter able to mount the hosts/images upon startup without being told by Atari?


Or maybe instead of mounting all at startup, if there would be some auto-mount enable option, the host/image could be auto-mounted when first accessed by Atari.

Commands which do not access media (disk image) can be handled based on what is in configuration file (like STATUS?) and commands which needs to access the media will trigger the mount, if not yet mounted.

Would that be possible?


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What about to add new SIO command into FujiNet, kind of mount all? This would move the work from Atari to Fuji and save quite amount of SIO calls for quicker mount & boot.


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