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Lawless Legends 3 disk test game released!

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Great, I've been following this one.  I need to try it right after Nox Archist.

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They are two very different, but good experiences!  


I lost my CFFA 3000 remote!  Gonna have to deal with that, but for passers by, you can use two USB drives.  Copy disk1 and disk2 onto one drive.  Then copy disk3, named disk2 onto the other one.


When it's time to switch:


Unplug drive in use


Move disk1 image to the other drive


Plug it in


Carry on.


Sucks, but it works, lol


LL hits the disk for more sustained times compared to Nox, but the features in use appear bigger too.  I know that raycaster is a pile of inline code, for example.  


So far, I'm quite impressed!  These games perform well on a stock Apple 128k machine.  Lots of fun!



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