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Game Boy Collection, Top Games, Everdrive, DMG Style Pocket and More

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- Japanese DMG style GB Pocket

- DMG Game Boy with red backlight, (a few lines sometimes fade out in screen)

- RGBbb back light, (never installed, unknown color)

- Pocket to DMG link cable adapter

- assorted stereo adapters

- two NES plunger A/B buttons

- Everdrive V 1.2 flash cart with micro SD card

- 17 games, (each includes a plastic case):

       - Bionic Commando($)

       - Catrap

       - Link's Awakening

       - Metroid II, with Manual

       - Kid Icarus

       - Operation C

       - R-Type

       - R-Type DX

       - Gradius

       - Nemesis

       - Burai Fighter

       - Defender/Joust

       - Marble Madness x2

       - Qix x2, with one manual

       - Super Mario Land


All games have nice labels, except R-Type DX is faded in one section. R-Type, Gradius and Nemesis each have some plastic discoloration and some scuffing.


Everdrive cart has a crack in the edge of the cart shell.


DMG Game Boy has replacement screen and some cosmetic defects.


Pocket is all around great.


I am trying to sell this as a lot, all together:


$200 + $20 U.S. shipping, Paypal friend payment



























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