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TI99 PC V 2.0.4 - wanted a copy of utility

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I am looking for copy of the TI99 PC 2.0.4 written by Palo Bagnaresi.  the two known links that i have found are no longer active.  So i am unable to find a copy to download.


Wondering if anyone has a copy that they can provide.  


I found a very early version which does not work with Windows 10 64bit.


Please help if some can provide a copy to download.


Info regarding the program below.



John Van Weelie


TI99 PC V 2.0.4
Author: Palo Bagnaresi
TI99_PC v. 2 will read, write, format, catalog, copy and convert TI-99/4A floppy disks on a PC. You will be able to transfer your real TI floppy disks to the main TI emulators on a PC currently available (PC99 and V9T9).
Download: TI99-PC_2.0.4.zip ; 734KB

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I've got an old version on a computer at home, but I do not believe any version will work with Windows 10.  I'm not sure, but I am not sure if it will run on anything beyond Windows 2000 as it was a MS-DOS command.exe style program, and the OS needed to support 16-bit.



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