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Steve Pitman's Micro Chip

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A friend was telling me earlier tonight how he's recently become addicted to solving Nanogram puzzles like Mario's Picross. He told me this would make a nice ColecoVision game, and I told him that someone (namely Steve Pitman) did such a game on the Adam:



Has anyone considered porting this to a MegaCart cartridge?  :)


It's true that you'd need some way to save your progress on the cart. A password system wouldn't work very well, I think. Perhaps the 64K Activision PCB with its EEPROM feature?


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Two people come to mind... Mystery Man and Nanochess.


If MicroChip is given serious consideration, then ADAM Bomb 2 would be another Steve Pitman game to consider especially since it’s so different from anything else that is available on the CV.

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