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Zombie Calavera Prologue

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18 hours ago, Aking said:

Not cool profiting selling carts of a free original game if you don't post openly the digital rom first.

Your comment is non-sense, please stop.


Every year I choose a game, typically my own, and release it for free just to return something to the community.


2 hours ago, Aking said:

was refering to Uwol for example, it is free on all platforms but coleco , and not improved from the original FREE game


2 hours ago, Aking said:

A few Improvements here and there.

It does not make that behavior less questionable.


You appear to think that everyone is tech-savvy enough to have an emulator or have a Flash cartridge, but in fact most people is happy of having a cartridge to play directly in their console.


Following your logic, I shouldn't have even ported the game, as it is available the same in Spectrum, and everyone should run to download a Spectrum emulator and play the game. I've a thick skin, people like you have made programers depressed, and they simply quit the community without saying a word. A piece of advice: cease to do that, you hurt the community.


In other news, I don't have received any response from the original programmers, so I don't foresee a cartridge release.


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