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regarding roller controller game poll

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If I edit a poll too often, it will automatically get corrupted by AA's software and remove part of the poll, so, just wanted to mention here that if there is enough interest and there is not much variance in choice, I may have a second poll with favorite runner up or least desirable choice for bonus items to get a favorite 2-3 choices. The poll options don't let you choose top two or three easily.


One of the other options for the game name was kill-o-pede, but I discovered there was Pokemon character of this name, although it looks suspiciously like an actual photographed centipede. 

Image result for "killopede"

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Also, I just realized I decided at the last minute to make the poll single choice for the first poll, but forgot to remove "choose all you like" from the "name choice" question. I fear changing it will erase the poll question due to AA's software. Sorry about that.

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