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Miner 2049er in GameMaker Studio 2

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*Disclaimer* This does not play identically to the Atari 8 Bit original


For fun I recreated Miner 2049er (and all of its 10 levels) in GameMaker Studio 2 mostly using the original Atari 8 bit sprites. I made new sounds for the game and they are not exact to the original.


A few things: It runs in Windows. It can be played with the keyboard or XBox compatible controller. Use Alt-Enter to toggle between full screen and windowed mode. You can press 'N' at any time during gameplay to advance to the next level.


For fun in the future I'd love to also offer the Colecovision set of levels as an option (but still with gameplay closer to the Atari version).


For anyone interested in trying it out the game can be found here: https://wayneoxfordgames.itch.io/

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I've been working on an alternate levelset based on the Colecovision version of the game. I hope to complete it in a week or two. Basically you'll be able to choose between levels based on the 8-bit computers or levels based on the Colecovision version of the game. Either way the gameplay will be the same and sprites will still mostly resemble the Atari 8-Bit version.


The first image attached is an example of the alt levels in the Colecovision version. This is level 3, there is a single elevator that works differently (the elevator actually moves up and down rather than transporting Bounty Bob amongst 4 doorways as seen in the second screenshot) and the platforms are laid out differently.


Does anyone happen to know whether any other versions of Miner 2049er used the Colecovision version of the levels?


1st screenshot Colecovision elevator level 3, 2nd screenshot Atari 8-bit (and all non-Coleco versions I've played) transporters level 3



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