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Actual US Retail 2600 Release List & Regional/Worldwide

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I know I've posted about this before and I did some searches and still haven't been able to find anything definitive...


I want to have a list of the -actual- -retail- (Not some guy with a box of games trying to get them into his local stores (cough air-raid,) cough,) games released in the US. Every time I try to get the data together, the lists always have pal titles and protos and all sorts of mess in them :)


Ideally, I'd like to have similar lists for other regions, so collectors in their respective areas can know what a complete set is for them. And of course a 'world wide' list. Ideally, one could have lists of unique titles but considering how strange the titles get with the pirates, I understand :)

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I think Lazzeri's list is pretty solid and I use it in conjunction with atarimania. Although both, of course, contain games like Air-Raid. Since there's no such thing as an "official" list, I guess the next questions would be:

1-what do you consider to not be actual retail? As in, what is your criteria to determine that?

2-do you include mail order only games?

3-do you include promotional games?

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