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TI99/4A Motherboard Replacement (In Progress)

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How about doing a SMC version. This would clear upnALOT of space for built in upgrades on board. I am little excited to try your new board. When will you have Gerber files available? 

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Just thought I'd give this a nudge and see if there's anything new going on? Hope all is well over there?


I've been playing around with Sprint Layout a lot lately and making gerbers of some rare arcade related stuff and I'm starting to get tempted to do one of the motherboard and make some mods of my own, mainly just making the board in two sections so it'll fit in smaller cases and maybe changing some of the connectors, though I don't know if I'm up to the task of incorporating upgrades like internal 32k and such. Is there a gerber for the original motherboard available anywhere?

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