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SOLD: Colecovision console RGB modded, SGM, Gradius, Penguin Adventure

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This bundle includes the Colecovision console, two controllers, power supply, Super Game Module, Donkey Kong, Bump n Jump, Gradius, and Penguin Adventure -

This will be a package deal, so i will not split up the items. I accept only paypal. $400 + shipping SOLD


Console is clean and working condition. One thing that is not fully working are the controllers. The left button on player1 and the down button on player2 don't always register.


PLEASE READ. This console only outputs in RGB (not the same as component), and the RF out connector is disabled. This package does not include a RGB cable, so you will need to supply one yourself.

It will require a 8pin mini din cable, the same kind used with the XRGB Mini. It even uses the same pinout.

20210310_221717.jpg 20210310_221647.jpg


20210310_221522.jpg 20210310_221616.jpg


20210310_221809.jpg 20210310_221824.jpg




20210317_143412.thumb.jpg.7c4fba37e9f9733d17820f2529d798bd.jpg 20210317_143419.thumb.jpg.972e10003596e632b178a1e580eb428a.jpg 20210317_143348.thumb.jpg.a5a5b51401c7c318a4f1d2cdd94ea342.jpg


20210317_143446.thumb.jpg.91ba0c6ff4aa662942a22aeb96bf5cb3.jpg 20210317_143451.thumb.jpg.40d1f09f2f3d140f8b1c70c3ecd80d6a.jpg 20210317_143512.thumb.jpg.6fd653a7f8c349b033b7514c9dc0f4eb.jpg


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