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From a book written by Frederick Holtz:


  • Twenty-two software applications packages, including 8 plug-in Solid State Software cartridges and 14 Wafertape cartridges, are also available. The plug-in cartridges, which sell for prices ranging from $39.95 to $124.95, are: Mathematics, Finance, Perspective Drawing, Statistics, Business Graphics, Nonparametric Statistics, and Advanced Electrical Engineering ($59.95 each); Editor/Assembler ($124.95); and Games I and Games II ($39.95 each). Wafertape cartridges, which have a suggested retail price of $19.95 each, are: Elementary Dynamics, Regression/Curve Fitting, Pipe Design, Production and Planning, Inventory Control, Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Photography, Solar Energy, Profitability Analysis, Quality Assurance: Control Data. A total of 75 applications solutions cartridges (48 solid state and 27 Wafertape programs) are also available. TI is initiating aggressive third-party authorship programs as well as developing software internally.



Is there a comprehensive archive of the modules and documentation that went with them stored on the web?


I received from ebay, via the post office, the Leisure Module for the TI-58/59 - One of the about 30 games is Jive Turkey. (I'm hoping that activated some long term un-utilized brain cells for those over 50).


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Some of those identified cartridges have never been dumped (Games 2 comes to mind), as they are almost nonexistent in the wild. In the case of the Wafertape programs, I don't think any of them ever escaped TI BITD, although one of the folks coding the DSR for the Hex-Bus SD card adapter thinks he may have a lot of them in his set of Hex-Bus things from his time at TI. I've never seen any of the Control Data programs (Cartridge or Wafertape). There are also a few specialized cartridges from other sources: PDS Sports (betting) and Gurudata (drill bit selection) come to mind, but I believe there were some insurance programs as well.

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