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Crazy Climber

What was your first purchase from the AA marketplace?

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May 2011:  My first transaction was the following from a single person:  a black Irish 2600 Jr. with a NTSC motherboard, two CX10's, two Sears heavy sixer driving controllers, and 21 "ugly" 2600 cartridges with missing labels, writing, excessively dirty, etc. (including three copies of Krull).

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On 3/19/2021 at 3:32 PM, wolfy62 said:

It was probably a very cool sign from Crazy Climber!😄


haha, thanks man!

On 3/20/2021 at 12:47 PM, S.BAZ said:


(and thanks again CrazyClimber for the deals I got from you!)

 no problem ;)

On 3/20/2021 at 1:02 PM, jwelsh said:

My first purchase in here was Atarimania by @Red 5. Everything was great. Probably spent over a grand in the Atariage store at this point too. 

I remember that release, haven't seen him in awhile...

On 3/20/2021 at 2:40 PM, taxman said:

My first purchase was for some games from @ATARIPITBULL  17 years ago, but I don't remember what the games were.

Dude!! The pitbull!! He had an amazing collection, I remember he traded it all for a Camero and then, as far as I know, he kind of stopped coming around, wonder what he's up to?

13 hours ago, crazykong said:

Big Box of crap 2 @the.golden.ax




second item 


Atari Jaguar system w/ box and instructions

original RF adapter

original AC adapter

original controller

original pack-in game - Cybermorph w/ instructions

2nd Atari controller with box

game - Iron Soldier w/ box and instructions & overlay

game - Flip Out w/ box and instructions

game - Dino Dudes w/ box and instructions

game - Club Drive w/ box and instructions

game - Cannon Fodder w/ box and instructions

game - Alien vs. Predator

game - Hover Strike



The system and the games with boxes were bought brand new by me and are still in new condition (the boxes show some wear). I just tested this system yesterday and it works great. I hate to sell this system but I play it so little that I can't justify keeping it. I would like $135 for everything. That includes domestic (lower 48 states) shipping. I will accept cash, check (must clear before shipping) or silver (4 ounces). Paypal will cost $140 cause it is more of a pain for me.





I purchased after Crazy Climber post it was a good deal.



Ha! Nice :) Was a great deal, even back then! I would kill to find a jag at that price now lol

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