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2021 BASIC for Classic Consoles List

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Here is my 2021 list of BASIC-like compilers for consoles.


Active indicates a compiler with developers that respond to queries and update their work on a regular basis. Inactive means the project is effectively unmaintained.





Atari 2600

batariBASIC https://github.com/batari-Basic/batari-Basic/releases

SuperCharger BASIC http://relationalframework.com/Atari2600gamesonline.htm


Atari 7800

7800bas http://7800.8bitdev.org/index.php/7800basic


Atari Jaguar

JagStudio https://reboot-games.com/jagstudio/


Sega Genesis

SecondBASIC Studio https://www.sbasic.net/



IntyBASIC https://nanochess.org/intybasic.html





Atari 5200

5200bas ABANDONED (This site has archived copy for download) http://sebastianmihai.com/atari-5200-shooting-gallery.html


Gameboy Advance

DragonBASIC INACTIVE https://github.com/uli/dragonbasic


Nintendo DS

DS Game Maker (Site that leads to archived copy) https://gbatemp.net/threads/ds-game-maker-free-version-download.429755/


Sega Master System

ZX BASIC PORT https://www.smspower.org/forums/12902-ZXBasicForSegaMasterSystem



BasiEgaXorz (256k games easy. Full games pretty complicated) http://devster.monkeeh.com/sega/basiegaxorz/



Galactic Studios BASIC (Requires Vectrex32 cart available via special request) https://vectrex32.com/



PSX Chipmunk BASIC (Does not create discs or run on unmodded PSX) https://sourceforge.net/projects/psxbasic/files/





NES, Atari 2600, Gameboy – All consoles require assembly and support is incomplete

TRSE https://lemonspawn.com/turbo-rascal-syntax-error-expected-but-begin/downloads/


PSP, Playstation 2, Dreamcast, XBOX

BennuGD (Forum link with sub-sections for console ports) https://forum.bennugd.org/index.php/board,80.0.html

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