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Using a mouse with the ADAM?

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Just a quick question that just crossed my mind: If Coleco had released a mouse for the ADAM back in the day, how would one connect it to the ADAM memory console? Via the ADAMNet connector, or perhaps using a "T" adaptor on the connector used for the keyboard (if that makes any sense)?


I know that the joystick ports would not have been a good option, considering the Roller Controller requires external power, and an ADAM mouse would probably generate the same kind of interrupts as the Roller Controller.


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Best guess would have been via the 9-pin controller ports with an adapter to provide power or by using batteries.


Check out the Coleco Adam Facebook page concerning a mod William Hicks made to the Adamouse released by Thomas Mackie in the late 80s and a new Mouse adapter PCB just developed by John Lundy.

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