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Bringing #FujiNet to FastBasic.

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While this is primarily directed at @dmsc, I do think this is a valuable public discussion to have.


Communicating with #FujiNet can be done in one of two ways:


* Via the N: CIO handler, using standard CIO commands. OPEN, CLOSE, INPUT, GET, PRINT, PUT, STATUS, XIO, etc.

* Via SIO commands, calling SIOV once a DCB is set up.


The advantage to the CIO handler, is familiar usage of I/O commands that everybody already knows, but you do have to have the NDEV handler loaded.

The advantage to the SIO handler is that you don't have to load the NDEV handler.


So am wondering if maybe it's either a good idea to do one of the following:


A. add a command to quickly set up and do a SIO transaction, or

B. Add commands to quickly do network I/O with #FujiNet?




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