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MAME 0.230 Released!

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MAME 0.230


Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for MAME 0.230!  There are big changes this month, but before we get to that, let’s highlight some of the more routine additions.  Several TV games featuring adaptations of popular Hasbro board games are now supported, as well as a couple of VTech systems featuring Dora the Explorer.  Several electronic toys and handheld LED game from Mattel and Invicta have been emulated this month.  There’s a big update for the Apple II software lists this month, with clean cracks of lots of educational software from MECC.


If you’ve been following along with development, you’re no doubt excited about the new Yamaha OPM/OPN (YM2151, YM2203, YM2608, YM2610, YM2610B, YM2612, and YM3438) sound emulation core.  This addresses numerous subtle and not-so-subtle issues, particularly in Sega and Data East games.  Windy Fairy and Jennifer Taylor have continued to improve MAME’s support for Konami rhythm games, making beatmania IIDX, Beatmania III, Keyboardmania and ParaParaParadise games playable.  Thanks to Happy, a couple more graphics issues with the Hyper Neo Geo 64 have been fixed.


There’s been a lot of work on the Apple IIgs and 68k Mac drivers this month.  As well as the flood of machines promoted to working, Apple 3.5" floppy support has been revolutionised, and improvements to ADB GLU microcontroller simulation make the IIgs control panel usable.  On the console side, save EEPROM support has been fixed for several Mega Drive games.


Of course that’s not all, and you can read about all the additions, bug fixes, and enhancements in the whatsnew.txt file.  You can get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page and start playing.


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