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Fujinet XEX bootloader bug?

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Hi everyone, 


hope this is the right way to report or discuss a Fujinet bug. (At least I suppose it's a bug or some kind of incompatibility).


To reproduce:

A lot of XEX games in the Fandal archive (e.g. Galaxian) perform a warm start (e47e) in order to start a game. Many programs actually do this to initialize the
computer. Typically it was called by tape games which displayed custom loading screens.


So have a look at my set of Galaxian.

1) # Galaxian Fandal Orig -> Performs a reboot right after game was loaded 

2) # Galaxian Fandal Fixed -> works (fixed)

3) # Galaxian Homesoft -> works


For many years I used Rasters SDrive with Fandals games archive. I never experienced any issues with these games. Fandal said he has 400+ XEX games that are probably incompatible to the Fujinet XEX bootloader.


Any opinions on this?





Galaxian Fandal:



Galaxian Homesoft:




#6 - Galaxian Fandal Fixed.xex #6 - Galaxian Fandal Orig.xex #6 - Galaxian Homesoft.xex

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44 minutes ago, twh/f2 said:

Any opinions on this?

actually, I am an opponent of this, but if you absolutely want it to work, just add in the loader:
lda #$00
sta $0244

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