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When the Darth Vader Model was stopped to be produced/sold ?

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That's difficult to answer. The manual for the 2600 Jr has a 1983 copyright. And when I got a PAL VCS in late 1984 it already was a 2600 Jr with Centipede as the pack-in game, while a friend of mine still had gotten a Darth Vader model with Pac Man a couple month earlier. So I suppose the switch from the old style models to the Jr happend sometime in 1984 shortly before the Tramiels took over Atari.


On the other hand the SECAM Darth Vader VCS that you sent me has a 1987 copyright on the board. So at least for the SECAM VCSs the Darth Vader model must have been produced a couple of years longer.



Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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