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Mandelbrot Explorer in 10 lines of Atari BASIC

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I made a Mandelbrot Explorer in 10 lines of Atari BASIC for the 2021 BASIC 10 Liner contest. 

You can get the program, instructions, and a lot of details in the blog post I wrote about it on the Workshop88 makerspace blog here: http://blog.workshop88.com/2021/03/21/an-interactive-mandelbrot-set-explorer-in-10-lines-of-atari-basic/

It contains more about developing a compact Atari BASIC program than any modern human is probably interested in ;-).


While doing the project I decided to try to make some Mandelbrot Set zoom videos from the color cycling Atari video captures.  It was harder than I thought but I did it!  Atari Chiptunes artist Adam Sporka generously contributed the music created on Atari 800 computers.

Here is the blog post about making the videos: http://blog.workshop88.com/2021/04/04/atari-8-bit-mandelbrot-set-zoom-videos/


Everything you see and hear in the following videos was created on Atari 8 bit computers:


YouTube playlist of 12 Mandelbrot Zoom videos with colored rectangles every time the image doubles in size:


YouTube playlist of the same 12 Mandelbrot Zoom videos without the colored rectangles.


Let me know what you think!

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17 minutes ago, danwinslow said:

Wow, that's cool. Amazing. How long does it take to render?

It depends on the depth, at the deepest levels one still color cycling image can take ~16 hours, possibly a whole day for a real Atari computer or emulator running at normal speed based on my calculation.  This is why I wrote the multiresolution renderer.  I ran the emulator as fast as it could run to do the rendering which was often 3000% speed on my machines give or take - so like 20-30 minutes -ish on average.


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Your program is great!


An enhanced (not 10liner) Atari Basic/Turbo-Basic XL/FastBasic version would be nice.

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23 minutes ago, drac030 said:

"Press joy button" - where it is said that everyone owns a joystick?

Frankly, it was easier than reading the keyboard asyncrhonously in 10 lines of Atari BASIC. 
STICK(0), and STRIG(0) are built into the language but I would have to peek to access keycodes, which also are not nice and sequential.


I wish you the good fortune of a joystick (or an emulator that can emulate one like Atari800Win-PLus, which I think is also from Poland!)

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