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Rmac - do the math

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Posted (edited)

For the last few days I was struggling with my code, which sometimes worked and sometimes it didn't

Fortunately thanks to @dilinger Virtual Jaguar debugger I've just found an issue. It seems RMAC doesn't handle math correctly.


Copyright (C) 199x Landon Dyer, 2011-2020 Reboot
V2.0.23 Oct 24 2020 (Linux/OSX)


Variables Test1 / Test2 should have the same value:


Base = $F00000
Test1 = Base + ((LISTSIZE_FULL*8)*4*4)
Test2 = Base + (LISTSIZE_FULL*8)*4*4

		move.l	#Base,D0
		move.l	#Test1,D0
		move.l	#Test2,D0


But they don't:






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This is not a bug -- this behavior is documented:



Workaround: always use explicit parentheses.

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