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Ultima V World Explorer (in ANTIC mode E)

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as promised - just a few month late - here's an update to the Ultima V Datafile Interpreter,
aka Ultima V Map Explorer



The above screenshot of the splashscreen shows the implemented key commands.


Changes include:

  • Description texts for all tiles (Look)
  • Reading of all signs in Britannia (Look)
  • Better Line of Sight code 
    (Best result is actually a simple recursive 8-way floodfill algorithm, but it’s just too slow  😕 , so I made some compromises to have a faster ‘gameplay’)
  • Doors, including searching for hidden doors (Open, Search)
  • Cannon shooting! (Fire) 
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Usage of expanded RAM. This means, you need a machine with 128KB to use the program.



Massive thanks go the maintainers of the Ultima V internal formats wiki, which is my guide to the Ultima V data structures: https://wiki.ultimacodex.com/wiki/Ultima_V_internal_formats


You will need to copy your original *.DAT files from the MSDOS version of Ultima V onto these disks:


U5_Britannia_(Disk 1 of 2).atr

Disk1: U5_Britannia.atr  (bootdisk)


U5_Towne_(Disk 2 of 2).atr

Disk2: U5_Towne.atr

At first bootup, sector-indices for these data files will be created, which will take it’s time and involves some disk swapping. This is only necessary once, the created index will be referred top at consecutive boots.

For those who are not so much into disk swapping and won’t use a real floppy drive anyway,
I created a an alternative 360k “QuadDensity” version: (U5_Mapexplorer_MultiDisk_(Disk 1 of 1).ATR)

U5_Mapexplorer_MultiDisk_(Disk 1 of 1).atr

Just copy all the .DAT files mention above into this disk image; the program won’t prompt you for disk swaps anymore.




Big thanks again to TeBe (MP is really great fun!!), JAC (WUDSN)  & XXL (xBootDOS)!



Sourcecode in the attached zipfile




Have fun!




PS: A map may come handy on your hikes through Britannia: https://wiki.ultimacodex.com/wiki/File:U5map.jpg



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