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Consolizing Virtual Boy and Game Gear

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Hello I'm currently getting my Virtual Boy modded to play on a VGA monitor.


Does anyone know a way to easily purchase or by using parts from an existing Sega Game gear to make a consulized Sega Game gear for streaming on Twitch?


I heard there was a talk of a mega Game gear which was a 32x cartridge with a slot for a Game Gear cartridge.  (It would have been Genesis except Genesis had too few either simultaneous colors or possible colors).


By the way I don't see what's wrong with a GameCube playing the game boy on The Game Boy advance.  I heard there were only problems if you were trying to capture it by a HDMI or play it's on an HDMI TV.  If you want native s video into a capture card and CRT TV at the same time, with the CRT being able to do 480i and 240p, did I heard there was no problems.  That the major ping problems were upscaling.


Is that a fairly accurate state of playing portables on Twitch?

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You could just get a standard GG upgraded with a McWill and have the VGA output added to it. Then capture from that? I also think Tim (Creator of various AV mods over the years), created a TV out board for the GG that I think you can still get? Not sure which video output it offers though.


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