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Extended BASIC automatic "word wrap"?

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Interesting thing I stumbled upon, and forgive me if this is already a known feature.


Take this

10 A$="/--+"
11 B$="|  |"
12 c$="+--/"
13 FOR I=1 TO 6
14 PRINT "**";RPT$(A$,6);"##1*";RPT$(B$,6);"#12*";RPT$(B$,6);"#2**";RPT$(C$,6);"##";
16 GOTO 16

The markers on the side are not printed with the first two characters "##" on the first line, then the next two characters "1*" on the next line, &c., but rather all four on the next line.





Change line 14 to

14 PRINT "**";RPT$(A$,6);"##";"1*";RPT$(B$,6);"#1";"2*";RPT$(B$,6);"#2";"**";RPT$(C$,6);"**";

And the output is as expected.




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I considered this could have been related to the use of RPT$ in the PRINT statement, and tested by assigning A$, B$, and C$ using RPT$ then using the variables in PRINT.  The result was the same.

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