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FS: Clearing out the collection: Wave 9 OOPS, wasn't actually done! (100% working NES bundle, not-working for parts commodore 64 stuff)

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7/3: I thought I was done... nope, here's what I really hope is the last of my stuff!


Only thing I'd consider trade-wise would be a working PS Vita system.





Detailed Imgur albums of old items:

1) https://imgur.com/gallery/oDbaKBg

2) https://imgur.com/a/PNLPL1Z

3) https://imgur.com/a/FJIrrl4

4) https://imgur.com/a/aXTz7Lh 

5) https://imgur.com/a/q67ADGK 





NES system bundle (system, working 72-pin, 8 games, 3 controllers, working zapper, RF, AV, AC adapter)


Videos to show how good the 72-pin works and proof of the zapper working:




Pics of the bundle, including extra manuals, a Dragon Warrior map (no DW game tho)... it's a mishmash but it works! All controllers and zapper tested. A/C adapter IS a 3rd party but it is specced properly for the system













$150 shipped, really don't want to break it up. Just... take all the NES stuff.





Speaking of "Take it all away"...


The "I can't get C64 stuff to work pile"








I can't get the breadbin to work, no idea if the disk drives work - c64 does turn on, I give it that. 


$15 + shipping. The 15 bones are there because usps.com and their shipping quotes are terrible and that should cover the overage they charge me. This is all For Parts/Repair - if you're a C64 wiz please take this off my hands. I am cursed.



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big ol' update
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Bump - Big ol' update! Everything crossed out is sold, massive bulk deals on lots of games. Give me back some of my apartment space! :D

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Tons o' hardware bundles! Take my stuff! Another equal amount of hardware bundles coming up a few days later so keep an eye out! Help me get to 0 retro hardware/software!

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3 minutes ago, OverMuch said:

Excellent hardware bundles!

Yes, they are and my previous purchase went excellent.  I have all these systems but if for some reason no takers, I would love the Master System Faser Gun, space harrier, fantasy zone and The Ninja for the SMS and all games for Dreamcast except Football one. I just don't want to buy the bundles and have to sell what I don't want/need otherwise I'd be all over the 2 Sega Bundles.

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20 hours ago, kerobaros said:

I'm interested in that Wii U bundle, sending pm

Very good price. I spent $130 on mine. :) Still worth it!

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