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Rick Dangerous

Best PS3 Sharp Shooter Light Gun Games

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During our whole discussion of the digital store closing; House of the Dead IV came up; so i had to pick it up being a big fan of the series, which lead me to the PS Sharp Shooter gun and Move Camera.


Any other game recommendations for this peripheral?  I love light gun games and would like to explore this more.  So far i've been told:


-House of the Dead 4

-Killzone 3

-Dead Space

-Goldeneye 007 Remastered


What else should i be looking to play? 

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HOTD Overkill


Time Crisis 4 Razing Storm

Resident Evil Umbrella & Darkside Chronicles

The Shoot



Some of the American Laser Games FMV games are on the PS Store but i haven’t played them.  I’ve played them on other systems though & i like them a lot.  


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