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For Sale: Atari Jaguar Boxed Cartridge Games

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I have 8 Atari Jaguar boxed cartridge games for sale. Shipping is free. Let me rephrase - shipping is free for you, I, however, will pay out the nose for shipping because, well, that's just sort of relationship the USPS and I have. Each game will be shipped separately. Unless someone buys all 8 games I will not be combining packages as these games are already boxed and ready to go. Each game box is wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent moisture damage should the USPS deem it necessary to leave in the rain. Note this is NOT shrink wrapping nor is it anti-static wrap, it is merely an extra step to try to keep them dry and fresh. Each box is a standard USPS DVD box, so there is no bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or anything like that. If you buy a game and really want it packed in a box with packing materials, I will have to go out and buy a box and packing materials, and I will have to add shipping and handling costs, and it may take longer to ship out. My asking prices reflect my searches through eBay sold listings. I didn't look to see what current asking prices are. If you feel that a price is too high please feel free to mention it in the comments below. Likewise if you feel a price is too low please feel free to send me gobs of money. I am including photos of each game showing everything that is included. I am also including photos of what the shipping box looks like. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


EDIT: So I tell my wife about this sale and how I have to ship each one separately. She says "what about the large priority boxes?" With my face in my palm, I go into the side room where we've been keeping storage and I find a bunch of large priority mail boxes. Then I say to her, "Ah, but without packing materials these games will just be lose in the box.". She walks into the other room and comes out with a roll of bubble wrap. After palming my face a few more times, I came here to edit this post. If anyone buys more than one game I can, in fact, combine them. /EDIT 




  • Theme Park     $30
  • Ruiner Pinball     $40
  • Iron Soldier     $20
  • Club Drive     $20
  • Pinball Fantasies     $45
  • Flip Out     $30
  • Cannon Fodder     $40
  • Rayman     $195



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Hi Everyone, Just a quick update. I still have Iron Soldier and Club Drive left.



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I lowered my asking price for Iron Soldier and Club Drive. ✌️

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