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As some of you may already know, a new Atari 8-bit prototype called Cheez-Wiz was recently found.  The title screen has a section for 13 different custom options (A-M) but no one can figure out how to enable them and or what they actually do (if anything).  I was hoping that someone here could take a look in the game code and see if these options can be enabled or if they're just there for show at this point.   I'll attach the rom to this post.


You can see my review of the game here: http://www.atariprotos.com/8bit/software/cheezwiz/cheezwiz.htm



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Fandal comes through again!  Turns out you have to press the letter and 1 or 0 to turn each option on/off.   I turned them all on and didn't see anything obvious, so someone will have to dig into the code to see what or if they do anything.  There's an amusing bug where you can push any number for the first option you decide to turn on and that number will appear under the option (so you can type 7 instead of 1 and a 7 will appear under that option).  It only happens for the first one you pick and doesn't seem to affect anything.

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Cheese Wiz, the cheez wiz working title is in conflict with a copyrighted product by some conglomerate.


I'm still breathing, I can add it to the list of things to check on... someone may be sending some working 8 inch drives my way...

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