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NOS colecovision power supplies on sale for $35+shipping

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14 hours ago, Ruggers Customs said:

I think it was an incorrect usb wall charger issue.  They're currently in production as we speak and should be available in another month or two.  They ended up selling out 4th quarter last year unexpectedly due to high demand.

What wall charger do you recommend for it????

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On 5/4/2021 at 11:18 AM, Starwander said:

Because I bet I could have new ones made that copy the original but use modern parts. 

Anything for CV or ADAM using new parts is a good thing!!! I think it was Jameco Electronics that was selling CV power supplies (originals) awhile back. I had been having some graphics glitches on my CV. I bought a power supply from them and the glitches went away...so I bought three more of them. But new technology for our old machines would be a good thing.

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