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FS: Jaguar Loose Cartridges

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Spring cleaning. That time of year when everything must go. Furniture, old clothes, rodents, and old video game cartridges. I have 20 Jaguar cartridges for sale. Why? because I need the room. My tight quarters is your tight quarters. Below, I've listed the names of each cart along with a price I came up with by searching eBay sold listings along with shipping price. I plan to ship Priority Mail using whichever box the carts will fit in. I'm thinking small flat rate boxes for 1 to 2 carts, medium for 3 or more, and large for something like 10 or more. To sweeten the pot I'll make a deal with you - if you buy 10 carts I'll knock 10% off the price. If you buy 20 carts, I'll take 20% off, 30 carts 30% and if you buy all 40 carts I'll take 40% off.




Game Price Notes
Super Burnout $45.00 FREE shipping
Doom $45.00 FREE shipping
Wolfenstein 3D $45.00 FREE shipping
Alien vs Predator $45.00 FREE shipping
Ultra Vortex $45.00 FREE shipping
Tempest $45.00 FREE shipping
Bubsy $40.00 FREE shipping
Pitfall The Mayan Adventure $40.00 FREE shipping
Raiden $40.00 FREE shipping
Klax $30.00 FREE shipping
Zool 2 $30.00 FREE shipping
Hover Strike $30.00 FREE shipping
Dino Dudes $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined
White Men Can't Jump $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined
Val d'Isère Skiing and Snowboarding $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined
Kasumi Ninja $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined
Dragon The Bruce Lee Story $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined
Cybermorph $20.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined
Checkered Flag $10.00 $5 shipping single/FREE shipping combined
Total $630.00 $378.00  






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Posted (edited)

trying to send you a message.  I will buy them all.  


I guess your mailbox is full

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Please let me know if any of these are still available.  I know the thread is old.  But I am new to Jaguar and don't have many games.  Thanks.

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