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Dial-up modem BBSing

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Today, there are a number of BBSs that still offer dial-up modem access. You can get a list of dial-up BBSs from the Telnet BBS Guide. This is for the die hard user who wants to relive the way BBSing was back in the day. If you have a landline and a modem, then you can relive dial-up BBSing. There is even a modem pool with local access numbers in most major cities. You can read more about this here. The modem pool has access to some Atari BBSs including Amis XE, Boot Factory, and Dark Force. 


If you do not have a landline, you can still get dial-up access using Google Voice  and a Polycom OBi device, such as the OBI200. The OBI200 allows you to hook up POTS equipment such as telephones, fax machines, and modems to VOIP services such as Google Voice. However, to get the best quality modem connection, you need to make some adjustments to the OBiTalk connection. OBiTalk, which is the website where you configure your OBi device, allows you to make these adjustments through star codes. Recall that telephone services offer star codes such as *67 to disable caller I.D. and *69 to call the last number. You can also add a star code to optimize your ObiTalk call for a modem connection.


Below is the star code you want for modems connected to OBITalk devices. The star code improves the quality of the OBITalk connection for modems by making some adjustments to the CODEC that is used for the call.


*01, Modem Call, set($Noji1,200),set($Noec1,1),set($Cdm1,3)


The above star code allows you to dial-up modems on OBITalk using the following Hayes command:


ATDT *01,(phone number)


For example to call the Basement BBS,

ATDT *01,5032455416 


Perform the following steps to add the above star code to your ObiTalk device:


1. Sign onto your OBiTalk account.
2. Under the OBi Dashboard click on your OBI device (e.g., OBI200).
3. Scroll down the "Device Configuation" page until you see the OBi Expert Configuration button.
4. Click onthe OBi Expert Configuration button.
5. If you see a pop-up that asks "Are you sure you want to enter OBI Expert Configuration?", click OK.
6. Under "OBi Expert Configuration Menu" click the Enter OBi Expert button.
7. Locate the "Star Codes" menu item on the left hand side.
8. Click on the + next to "Star Codes"
9. Click on "Star Code Profile A". After a moment a list of star codes will load.
10. Locate an empty code slot (e.g., code 37)
11. Uncheck both blue check boxes next to the code.
12. Cut and paste the above star code in  the value check box.
13. Click the submit button to save the changes.




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Interesting stuff. Thanks for the post!  :)


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Yeah, got mine arriving early this week.


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