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6 hours ago, 1980gamer said:

I have never played sea battle, but this would make it really possible.

Sea Battle is amazing!  One of the best games for the system.

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I think alternate maps for Sea Battle would be great


Also configuring the quantity of ships in each fleet might add some challenge (eg configuration screen at beginning of game has 100 ship points and buying a destroyer would cost 5 but a battleship is 10 so a player could elect to have lots of a certain kind of ship). Maybe a point buy could include a high cost for a submarine that has Mark I VS Mark II torpedoes that go faster. 


Maybe a concept of time, so ships could fight at night with light rotating around each ship making it hard to dodge shots especially torpedoes just like in World War II. The effect would be like Atlantis at night. 

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7 hours ago, Jeffrey Bouchard said:

Good to hear. Will there be an eventual rom release for LTO Flash?


Yes, there will be a ROM release shortly after the game is released CIB. I do not encrypt my ROMs as I trust the community and want you to enjoy it on all formats.

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