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19 hours ago, Andrew Davie said:


And thank you for the most interesting derivation. I enjoyed that. Will wonders never cease?



was wondering...could you make a version that randomly switches through all 11 of the unique sound types of the 2600?

or maybe if this could be selected?


i like that the color can be randomly changed with reset.

would it also be possible to have a version that randomly switched colors?
maybe with a controller one could speed up and slow down the color changes?


hmmm...maybe using controllers sound types and colors could be adjusted as well with the highest (or lowest) setting going into random?


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On 5/19/2021 at 2:29 PM, Andrew Davie said:

OK. For reference, it's CDFJ bankswitching but nothing much special other than that.

If it needs CDFJ, but does *not* need ARM, then we'll add CDFJ support first, and look at ARM *after* that...

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