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"Happy CPU mock-up"

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Hello fellow Atarians, picked up this item on ebay back in 2011. I used to run a search for "atari prototype" and if anything looked interesting throw in a bid. Won this item sold by a seller in Maryland with a description of "Mock-Up for Happy Drive CPU", stored it away and found it in  the closet the other day.  Thought you might enjoy checking it out. Cheers!




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Wow!  Looks like somebody with some serious wire wrapping skill and a lot of spare time made a very interesting project!



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Looks to be a 6502 CPU (marked in red sharpie), MCM6264 SRAM (8Kbytes), 2764 EPROM - the right stuff to clone a Happy 1050.


It would be interesting to a) get a higher res photo of the label on the EPROM, and b) get a dump of that EPROM...

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