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BlueRetro: 1P & 4P TeamTap emulation with up to 4 Bluetooth controllers & 6 axes support and Padtest controller test rom

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Hi Guys,


I added support for the Atari Jaguar in my BlueRetro project. This allow to emulate a standard controller or even a TeamTap with 4 controller using common Bluetooth controllers.



I also made an application using JagStudio and my GameDrive to test it. :  https://github.com/darthcloud/AtariJaguarPadtest


Base on Atari technical reference I also added support for the never released 6D controller, a 6 axes analog controller using a digital protocol (ie NOT using the 2 analog input).


My application is build to always re-detect the controller every "frame", ideally a proper game would do this once a boot or at a leaser interval. I didn't dig too much into JagStudio and I think JagStudio own controller polling is still happening in conjunction to my own.

Also framerate is not best. But that was good enough to allow me to test my adapter :).


BlueRetro wiki got all the info you need to build your own, the use of level shift make it a bit wiring intensive however for a DIY build. https://github.com/darthcloud/BlueRetro/wiki 

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