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99/4ATX 2021, Austin TX interest?

Poll for 2021 99/4ATX fest in Austin, TX, USA  

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  1. 1. Would you attend an indoors, or outdoors, 99/4ATX in August 2021, Austin TX?

    • Indoors at ASMBLY, same as in 2019, if it opens for in-person meetups
    • Outdoors on the covered deck at Articulture Designs
    • No way, August in Austin is too hot
    • I can't attend, but I'm interested (Zoom perhaps)
    • Not interested
  2. 2. Would try to attend these days:

    • Saturday
    • Saturday and Sunday
    • Friday meet-and-greet

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We had a good weekend TI fest in August 2019. The venue was the air-conditioned classroom at ATX Hackerspace, now known as Asmbly.



I'm gauging interest in two possible venues for 2021.


Option 1.  Use the same venue as 2019, that is, if it is open for group meetings: Asmbly (was ATX Hackerspace).  The classroom was just the right size for 12 people. Asmbly has not yet changed its policy: no in-person meetups for now.


Option 2.  I can ask to schedule the outdoors pavilion at Articulture Designs (family connection). They have outdoor classes, mask required inside. Inside they have restrooms and drinking fountain. Outside we can have food. A rain-check plan might be covering things with canvas and running inside. 


Both venues are 14 minutes from the airport, but Articulture is closer to more stuff.


Here is a photo of the covered deck at 4pm. It is rather nice in the shade. There is a pull-down movie screen, so we could use a projector. There are plenty of electrical power outlets on the deck.




There are also many outdoor tables:




Here is a place to relax: (not shown: a big tree with hammock.)





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Sample agenda:




Meet and greet for early arrivals



8-10  Open. Breakfast tacos.
10-12 Presentations, demos, tutorials
12-2  Open. Lunch, delivered
2-4   Presentations, demos, tutorials
5-7   Go to restaurant for dinner


Possibly open til late night.


10-4 Open. Tutorials.



Lots of conversation
Hardware displays


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The option I'd choose is maybe (if that option was available), as it really depends on what the wife decides we're doing this summer. . .

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Just getting back into the TI-99/4A after a few years of neglecting it.  I may not have much to add, but I'm down for some beers and friendly chatter.  I would certainly suggest having it indoors.  August heat in Texas is no joke!

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I would like to go, but that is close to a 1100 mile drive for me.  Chicago is just two months out from that timeframe, and about 1/3rd the distance.

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I would enjoy attending this year. Any words on nearby hotels? Willing to drive others in my rental car. Would be nice to have the out of town folks stay at the same hotel if able.

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What days it does not say in any post?


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