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SOLD Atari 8bit Manuals (cheap): De Rie Atari and 400/800 BASIC Ref Manual

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Please read and examine the pictures.  Because I already have a copy of these manuals and because these are only in 'fair' condition I am asking only $10 plus the actual USPS Media Mail shipping cost (estimated to be $14) so $24 and it's yours.  I detect no mold, mildew or water/moisture damage and no smoke.  The only issue is many of the pages have been torn/ripped at the punch holes.


I have a well used complete:   'De Rie Atari'  set which really includes 4 separate manuals:  De Rie Atari (one of the earliest and still one of the best guides to the 400/800), Operating System User's Manual (super in-depth information), Operating System Source Listing (the actual source code listing of the original 400/800 OS) and Hardware Manual (which includes 400 and 800 hardware schematics).

and also a Atari 400/800 BASIC Reference Manual.


I confirmed that all the pages are present and in the correct order (comparing it to another copy I have). However, many of the pages have been torn/ripped at the punch holes.  As many as 10% or more of the pages.  With some TLC, tape and ring protectors (if they still make them) you could fix them up.  OR use them as-is.   This material has likely been scanned by now however, if you are like me you like having the hard copy to work with.


It will ship with the 3X  3-ring binders that I found them in.













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