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DIN13 mini-project

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OK, here's next iteration of my DIN13 "board". Now with sync separator providing CSYNC and VSYNC. Input can come from either Composite or CD4050 pin 15. Output can be either SCART or TTL. I'd say most monitors and TVs are covered....
Picture quality is better compared to sync coming from Composite and at least as good as coming directly from CD4050 (the advantage is that you can have SCART output level regardless of source sync so no more tinkering with resistors).
Note - this is a "pre-production" version hence a few "optional" components and jumpers. All hand soldered so looks rather bad (these resistors/caps are 0805 and I was in a hurry before next Euro 2020 match ;)).
Production will probably hit whooping 10 units 😉 when the design is finalised and Chinese factory delivers the goods 😉
Also note - this is not a commercial project - all done for my own... needs and fun.


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Hi Damanloox,


any chance of photos of the output from the board, and what sort of price would you be asking?



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I will post the photos but:

- this is not "standalone" product. You'll need VBXE first.

- not sure if my phone is capable of showing actual quality - last time I tried it was not even close to real life - but I'll try. Perhaps with better lights.

- I'm not selling these. I'll probably make Gerbers available so people can make them if they wish. I may have a few left after I upgrade all my stuff and would probably sell them at parts price but I'm not sure howany will be left and how much the parts actually cost (I went through a few "revisions" and lost track of actual cost :)))

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