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Recently I made some SDX DD512 images (SDFS 2.1).  These are 718 sector 360k images.  I need to make some more but I have forgotten what program I used to make them or how I did it... it's hell getting old.


Any ideas out there?



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1 hour ago, flashjazzcat said:

Altirra will do this for you; it's the only thing I use for the purpose of creating ATRs.

On Altirra 4.0:


File->DiskDrives->[click > button next to drive]->New disk...->[Select Disk Format-Custom]

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8 hours ago, Dopeyman06 said:

Isn't easier to "duplicate" the .atr image??


Not when you are deliberately trying to create a totally blank disk with only SDFS 2.1 info and format info on it and the rest of it zeros.


No shortage of ATRs over here.  I see you are using Cushy Check Disk... I remember when he wrote that. :)

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