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FS: NESRGB Front loader + accessories

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First, just like many of my other postings here USA address and Paypal only please. 


This is my Nintendo NES, it has 


NESRGB board connected to a Nintendo multi av out port, so cables are convenient. 

It can do

  • "enhanced" composite output 
  • S-video
  • RGBS 

It has had its

  • original 72 pin connector cleaned and resprung (but its a front loader so...) 
  • Its CIC lockout chip disabled
  • Its original internal voltage regulator replaced 
  • Electrolytic caps replaced on the motherboard 
  • Expansion audio routed to the NESRGB board and mixed 
  • NESRGB board installed
  • Nintendo MultiAV out connector installed
  • Palette switch installed 
  • Case painted (cause it was beyond retrobrite and magic eraser) 


Comes with

  • Console 
  • Tomee Aftermarket dogbone controller controller 
  • 9 volt DC power supply, switching power supply from Digikey (and its not a wall wart) 
  • Nintendo MultiAV out to composite or svideo + audio cable
  • Nintendo MultiAV out to RGB + Audio SCART cable


On the point of painted case, the top is painted metallic flake "aluminum" with the black stripe going from front to back. The bottom of the case is painted a dark metallic grey, the labels are re-applied with printable water-side decals, and under several (thin) coats of lacquer.


I am not a pro painter, I am a dude standing in his driveway with an old TV tray, some Kyron, and watching the wind. There are defects in the paint (mostly trash) that the camera can not pick up... its not a huge deal but its not a close inspection Museum piece, its a half meter "that's neat" 


Asking 300$ (OBO or Trade for computer's) USA + Paypal only ... shipped 











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