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Go Play (Belmar, NJ) Review

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Haven't been there since 2016, but it's changed a lot. Mega Man: The Power Battle is no longer there. Sad, because that was such a rare game.


Anyway, first game I played after talking to the guy at the movie merch filled desk was Nicktoons Racing. I wanted to be SpongeBob, but the steering wheel chose Patrick. Got in 6th place the first time, second lap I got 2nd place. Fun Fact! For awhile on the SpongeBob Wiki, the Nicktoons Racing page said "There is a religion based on this game." I feel like I typed that. Whatever it is, I have great ideas for a Neil Cicierega style video now!


After abandoning poor Patrick, I went to Dig Dug, but couldn't get it to start. So I went to the X-Men arcade game and accidentally set it to 2P. Chose Wolverine for 1P, Colossus for 2P, had to control BOTH players. Didn't get that far. Fun Fact! I was shouting "RAMSES! COLOSSUS!" while I was controlling Colossus (after Wolverine died.) That's a reference to the song "Indigo" by Moloko.


Next, I tried Zaxxon. Me and my mom both tried to get over that starting wall, but failed. Then we wanted to play The Simpsons, but the screen was f'ed up (it was dark blue and black instead of the usual vibrant scheme.) So we went and played an annoying skee-ball game called Fireball (the attract mode will haunt my nightmares) and pinball.


I tried playing Galaga on a Class of 81 machine, but SURPRISE!! THE JOYSTICK WASN'T WORKING!! So I told the guy behind the desk about it and Dig Dug, and he went over and found the button to start Dig Dug. Finished the first level, died on the second thanks to sh*tty joysticks. Fun Fact! According to the 3DS eShop, Dig Dug is apparently "the champion of love & justice." Isn't that what Sailor Moon is?


Afterwards, we went back to our car and went home.


The atmosphere was nicer than my previous memories of this place. They were playing '80s songs the entire time (told the guy behind the desk that "Heaven is a Place on Earth" reminds me of Solid Snake because both came out in 1988) even though some of the games were newer. I also told the guy I wanted to work here even though I live in Demarest. When I move out to Jackson (I wanna get that Six Flags ride op rep), maybe I can work here part-time.


Overall, 8/10. Even with no Mega Man.

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Shucks that they don't have Mega Man anymore. I loved playing that game every time I would visit back when I still worked at the Hollywood Arcade.


Sorry to hear about Galaga. And I can't stop laughing at the Zaxxon part... I could get way further than you on that one...

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