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OERI BBS by Dept of Education? (and other BBSs listed in a US Goverment Document from 1997)

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I was looking through some older documents and I found a reference to a the "OERI BBS" run by the Department of Education.  It was started in 1986 and was still running during the late 90s.  Does anyone know anything about it?  I've found references to it being a storehouse of information on educational software.


What I find interesting is that it had a 800 number! (800) 222-4922


I'm having a fairly difficult time finding much about it, which is rather odd as it was running for 10 years and was (in theory) a resource used by teachers.  I can't even find an explanation of what OERI stands for.


(I did find another reference to an OERI gopher site at gopher.ed.gov, but that's down too. https://www.whitman.edu/mathematics/eegtti/eeg_252.html#SEC253)


In any event, there's more to be found about government BBSs (and early websites) here:


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So on bbsmates.com there are four entries for this.   The website is not secure, so I'll share the links and what they have to say.














Thoughts from the above:

* Varying date ranges mentioned from the people that submitted these.  Maybe of the times they were aware of.

* Area code 800 but also 202 is listed.  Maybe their other dial-in number.

* Sysop was possibly Tom Evans.

* And possibly run with MajorBBS software at one time.


I believe this might have also been an article about it...




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