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Lynx TATE mode games

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2 hours ago, Fadest said:

Well, maybe there is a link ;)


Short story, @vince (godfather of all the french Lynx scene) is a big fan of Tetris Attack. Many years ago, I made a very limited clone that ended in Yastuna 1 -Alchemy of Cubes.

Last year, we were looking for a neat idea for Lynx birthday, and we decided to offer him a unique game. So I took this old game, turned it into vertical mode, added special features, and lots of private jokes. @Zerosquare wrote new audio routines to cut music (wav/mp3) into small files and read it from the cart in streaming (well, won't work with every music, and is limited in size of course). We made a cart, box, a sticker, a manual, badge/pin's and put it in blister.

So there is and will only be 1 version of this game (I did not even printed a box or flashed a game for myself), this is the most exclusive Atari Lynx game in the world I guess. There is probably a video somewhere.


So this summer, I'm playing with the idea of removing all the private stuff (who really care about installing Fedora while playing on his Atari Lynx ?), changing the graph (right now, these are the one from Space Lock), the music of course, and probably a bit the gameplay.


Then I may make a small run this fall (probably 60 units), or put it directly as Flash on Demand on Yastuna Games, I don't know yet.


Okay, you can't leave us hanging like this. What's the name of the game? And pics of the box, manual, and artwork please, as this is going to have to go into the gaming database. :)

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On 7/8/2021 at 10:10 PM, tripled79 said:

That's what I was thinking when I played Ms. Pac-Man recently. Anyway, the new release Centipede also goes in rotate mode.

Beat ya too it! I already mentioned Centipede... ha!

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